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'Amar Arte ' is the brain child of a Belgian woman who moved to Buenos Aires for the love of tango, hospitality and Latin Art. That Belgian woman must be me.  My thirst for travel and exotic destinations took me to all corners of the world. I met cultures and discovered their art. And I fell in love with it. In 2007 I visited Argentina for the first time, with my time mainly spent in Buenos Aires. During that first trip I also paid a visit to the Salentein Bodega in Mendoza. This beautifully designed building houses one of the most amazing private Argentine ( and Dutch ) art collections ever, The Killka Gallery. It made my heart go wild.


16 years later with tons of hard-learned lessons on the record & an insatiable hunger for art, 'Amar Arte' was born.


In a vast sea of ( young & old ) Argentine artists, we fish the ones  we consider more than promising in our humble artsy kind of way. We aim to promote them far beyond their national borders. For political and social reasons, being an artist in Argentina is no easy trade to be.

We hope you like their art, and if you decide to acquire their art through us, you support them too .


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