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AWARENESS a matter of time

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"AWARENESS a matter of time " is no ordinary book. This limited edition book, the latest publication by Belgian nature photographer & explorer Christian Clauwers is a must-have for environmentalists, photographers and collectors.

In this book AWARENESS, a matter of time, Christian Clauwers features 150 images of his projects in the Arctic, the Antarctic, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and the Southern Ocean, spanning the past ten years of his travels;. In addition, the book contains two extensive scientific expeditions that he documented on the Belgian research vessel R/V Belgica and the French R/V Marion Dufresne. The result reveals a vulnerable world of ice and water, remote islands and places on our planet that have almost completely fallen into oblivion. A complete immersion in the ocean and polar regions, AWARENESS, a matter of time is a highlight and summary of five years of expeditions around the globe.

Material: - Large format hardcover, 396 x 290 mm (15.59 x 11.42 inches)

- Over 150 beautiful photographs carefully printed on 240 pages of high quality paper
- Worldwide shipping and handling available (not included in sales price)

- Shipping as of Dec. 17th 2023

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