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After having traveled through Metro Cúbico and End of an Era, after allowing myself to experience chaos, confusion and emptiness, this new search, which leads me to break into a thousand pieces, and rebuild myself into a new Being. So much to heal, so many wounds to heal, so much to seek... The Beginning of Healing may be looking inward to be able to see the other, a look, an encounter, a hug, a caress to the soul... It invites us to recognize ourselves, to change, in a very painful process and at the same time very enriching, to love each other, not to look outside for what is inside, the hug, the friendship, the love, to get out of the systematic programming, to smile, to vibrate stop, celebrate failure, error, humanity, being light, being able to shine in so much darkness...

En Compañia ( Accompanied)

SKU: 217537123517253
  • mixed technique on canvas

    100 cm x 120 cm

    39' x 47'


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