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Buenos Aires-based and Argentina-focused, wants to highlight the work of

mainly national artists in any stage of their careers.

Emerging or established, the artists we represent

represent AmarArte’s passion for our home country’s art scene.


At AAFB, held in Brussels in Febr. 24

we were showing works by Sebastián Chillemi, Natalia Biasioli and Eduardo Santiago.

We had a major success and will be heading next to AAF New York and 

hopefully be back at AAF Brussels 25


Based at the ground floor of the boutique hotel Marcel de Buenos Aires

we regularly meet with other artists from around the globe.


At the hotel we had the pleasure to host Denis Meyers, VEXX and more.

The hotel also features a mural done by VEXX in November 2019.

Both the hotel and the gallery are run by Belgian born Karin Dhadamus.



You can expect us to highlight some of the best of Argentine contemporary art, from the brightly colored ‘Inutilitarios’ imagery of Chillemi, to the black & white tones and mystical figures of Santiago and the highly autobiographical themes of Biasioli.


If you’re looking to enhance your collection with unique, affordable, highly qualitative art from Argentina then you’ll definitely want to give us a visit during the fair & the gallery.

contemporary art from argentina

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