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This artwork is part of a series called "Industrialis" which was born from the realization of an ink drawing on paper no larger than 35 x 25 cm. The artist's friend and collector Jules saw this drawing that he mentioned among several and Jules  was particularly interested. Jules suggested that the artist investigate and develop around that work and that particular theme. The drawing and Jules's ideas together were the genesis of this series. "We always come to fruition when we work together, " says Sebastian, the artist. 


The original drawing shows a group of workers as products of a production chain immersed in an endless day of work, in factories that depersonalize them. They are little more than a cog in the service of consumption and production. Expressionless faces, almost the same faces, with their backs bent as a result of the weight of the hard daily life. The wheel feeds only a few, Negro, quasi-slavery with minimum wages and income. The capitalist system eats everything in its path.

"I began to explore that line, that idea, that series, experimenting with different media and techniques, from drawing to painting and collage. Little by little characters began to emerge that shaped and enriched the series, the Industrialis, the droids, the CEOs, all of them are part of this ecosystem. "

The series ended up consisting of approximately 90 works ranging from 15 x 15 cm drawings and sketches to large 230 cm paintings. Part of the series went to Rotterdam and are now part of Jules' private collection.

In 2022 and 2023 the series was part of 2 exhibitions within the framework of Violence in Space, at the Ex Exma and at the Matta Cultural Center Embassy of Chile in Argentina.

The artist wishes to thank his dear friend Jules for the joint work. "It is always a pleasure to paint and draw enriched by your creative ideas."

Industrialis 7

  • acrylic and synthetic paint on canvas

    1,7 m w x 1,4 m h 

    67 inches w x 55 inches h

    year of production: 2022


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